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Kent requires a Photo Licensing Agreement for his and his client's understanding. for example,

clients who acquire the right to use an image often connect the image with their brand. For them, it would be detrimental if others, especially their competition, use the same image. For that reason, they may request an exclusive agreement.

Exclusivity means that no one else can use the image. Kent as copyright owner can not license the same photo to another client or use it as a stock photo. Often, there is an additional fee involved for obtaining exclusive rights. Because of this, exclusive photo licensing fees can be much higher.


Examples of photo uses:

Exclusive Rights - the client uses the image(s) in the manner they see fit. This is a yearly use, and is renewable, per updating agreement. This is typically reserved for Commercial uses and Branding. For example a company may not want anyone else using a specific image that relates to that company's brand or advertising plan. 

Nonexclusive - Client can only use image(s) in the manner stipulated in the agreement typically for one year before renewal. These uses and length of use can be negotiated with Kent. They are typically reserved for social media, magazine or print material uses or website applications. 

Commercial. The client uses the photographs for commercial purposes. Think of advertisements, brochures, or other marketing tools. The agreement should specify the commercial intent.


In all cases, the copyright stays in this case, with Kent, the maker of the photos.

Fee Use. In some cases, Kent will grant decreased fees for use of specific image(s). Please ask. 


Contact Kent for discussion of digital use of any images on his site. Please see below pricing and various use allowances. 

Digital Use of Images

SKU: 366615376135191
    • Exclusive Commercial use/year                                    $900/image
    • Organic, social media, website, related use/year  $150/image
    • Licensing use in publications/year (per image)     $75-$300
    • Larger Tier Magazines, publications/year                $300
    • Per hour photo/editing work (excluding travel)     $100-300/hr

    All photo work using professional cameras (including Iphone), lenses and editing equipment. 

  • Kent uses the Google Drive platform to provide clients with digital images. All images are high resolution quality, in either JPEG, TIFF or Photoshop formats, depending on customer requirements. Payment can be made via PayPal drop down menus on Kent's site, via Venmo or Apple Wallet, all easily accessed via Kent's site. 

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