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Dine'tah-Hajiinei | The Place of Emergence | Funded by: Arizona Commission on the Arts


Dine'tah-Hajiinei; The Place of Emergence. This area in northwest New Mexico where the Dine', Apache and Tewa peoples co-habitated with the Anasazi, contains a multitude of ceremonial and healing knowledge. I was invited by Dine' friends and elders to document this area with them, and eventually brought in 12 additional artists from 1986-1991. They assisted in documenting this area consisting of a radius of approximately 40 miles.The project was funded for five years by Arizona Commission on the Arts and Chinle School District Chapters 1 and IV programs.

1/22/24 update: The original photographs are currently housed within the Federal Programs department at Chinle Unified School District in Chinle, AZ. Discussion is occurring as to where to house artists' negatives, additional prints, and digitized scans of artist's work. Up for discussion is: 

  • the distribution process to approved programs, schools and galleries, with final approval provided by the Navajo Nation Medicine Man Association, with significant assistance from Anderson Hoskie, and Harrison Jim, both Dine' Medicine Men.

  • Production of a documentary film illustrating the significance of the Dine'tah region to us all, interviews various wisdom keepers on indigenous knowledge, the nature of quantum physics, plant herbal medicines, our various paths to integrative healing and living in harmony with ourselves and nature as teacher. Stay tuned. 


More information at: Dine'tah, The Place of Emergence.

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