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Movement meets creativity meets your vision

I knew from an early age my natural desire to express visually. Continual immersion in visual arts, natural surroundings and native roots in western Colorado, activates making images and video pieces. 


My work encompasses culture, people, landscape and indigenous wisdom. I primarily have followed a documentary path of still black-white and color work. The video documentary world has attracted my attention and creative process over the last decade.


My learning path has been primarily self-taught, with mentoring by Ansel Adams and collegial collaboration with other master photographers. 

I love to teach! The art of creating visually, soup to nuts techniques, black and white film and darkroom archival printing, and candid portraiture. A favorite has been putting cameras in kids' hands, across many cultures to enable them to share their kid language. Venues: Various community colleges, The SummerVail Art Institute, wilderness indigenous programs and workshops. 


In my early twenties, I landed on Dine' (aka Navajo) land in Arizona and then stayed for many years. By invitation, I documented culture, sacred sites and landscape in collaboration with various indigenous wisdom keepers. 


This indigenous collaborative work has expanded into Canada and the First Nations tribes.

I also thrive collaborating with musical artists at concert and festival venues. 


Grant work:

  • Arizona Commission on the Arts has funded bodies of this indigenous work. 

  • The Colorado Commission on the Arts, and and Eagle-Vail Arts Councils have also funded some of my major projects throughout the west slope of Colorado. My deep roots in farming and ranching have led me to document homesteaders throughout the Vail valley and the community of farmers surrounding my hometown of Fruita, Colorado.  

Please visit my newest documentary video project, "Journey to Wellness."   


Book: "Finding the Balance" A Retrospective 1979-2020. A 60 page, 200+ images - high-quality coffee table Acetate cover format. 


As a licensed therapist, I also utilize art, somatic, wilderness therapy and non dual/transpersoanal modalities in my private practice (1990 - current).

Distribution: Magazine publications, commercial clients, stock, print sales and video/editing production. 


Client list     Resume      Healing Arts site

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