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A retrospective of my best images over the past forty years. Stories accompany select images, and a vision story that prompted the book, takes you into my visual world. Contents: 53 pages, 204 images. Each book signed. 

  • A sequentual journey, opening with my 20 years with the Dine', Cheyenne and Apache. People and the landscape, ceremonial and sacred sites 

  • Travels to India, Egypt

  • Documentary and grant funded projects of Colorado farming and ranching, homesteaders in the Valley valley

  • Landscapes throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona

  • Special people in my life

  • Festivals

  • Mexico

The cover is a fine art acetate image, and the finest photo/gloss papers and archival printing went into this collection. It's a true coffee table book (12x16")

Cost: $395.  With Natural Linen and leather gift box: $450 (free shipping). Please provide your name, shipping address and any special signing requests.  

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Vision story that prompted Finding the Balance. March 2023 Podcast below (this book's essence, life's philosophy, etc)

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