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Journey to Wellness

A film exploring the depths of human wellness, healing, and embracing guidance from imbalances. We're exploring the myth of separateness, our vital relationship to the natural world and culturally diverse paths to wellness. We're bringing a vibrance, an experiential reminder that WE R ALL 1. A vital component is to bring to the table; beauty, harmony and a deep self respect and love/compassion for others.

7 minute trailer VIDEO above. This short video encapsulates the early journey of this documentary. It will serve as a crowd funding stamp, along with a sample of work accompanying various grant applications for financial support to complete the full length documentary. 


From this starting point, through a series of interviews and accompanying footage, we will travel through the human condition, and healing approaches that create a sustained self-healing body and mind. We'll explore what brings coherence throughout our thoughts and somatic experiences. We'll weave together Naturopathic oncology, Russian healing wisdom, indigenous wisdom, energetic and somatic therapies, authentic movement, sound and sacred places. Science and evidenced-based practices meets spirituality. We will also peer deeply into the natural world that avails itself to our inherent inner wisdom.  


As a Transpersonal therapist, and prostate cancer survivor, I will examine various wellness and healing modalities that continue to be instrumental in my life. Interviews with practitioners who have been key to my wellness team, will be a core element of this project. From there I foresee capturing insight of younger generations, while welcoming in those I have yet to meet or even have been able to comprehend their level of  wisdom and healing gifts.

I'd be remiss we if didn't explore multi-dimensional physics, plants as medicine, and dive deep into my time with indigenous healers and wisdom keepers. We’ll explore the natural world with its truth and beauty, along with an introduction to sacred sites and how to utilize their gifts. Let's hallow out, and through listening, let's allow this documentary to take flight in ways it is led, while we facilitate its essence. 

I envision a soundtrack for this work that is indigenous, soulful and healing unto itself. As a festival and music photographer, I want to bring into this documentary some of my favorite artistry that will weave with visuals of nature.  May we be reminded that natural world is the closest thing to truth, we have on earth.  


These organic undertakings as they reveal their layers, have served as reminders as to why we even begin such projects in the fist place. These unfoldings reveal the deepest currents of aliveness, treasure hunts of wisdom and invitations for paradigm shifts individually and collectively.  

Footage that is completed

  • Initial interviews and footage and stills within Native American and First Nations land has been done. 

  • An in-depth and personal interview with Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO was recently completed in Ridgway, CO 

  • A sensitive and deep interview with Marie Luna, plant-Spirit medicine healer in Paonia was completed in late July 2020. 

  • Interview with master Russian healer Misha Jirnov, was completed in Denver, CO in 2019. 

  • Sophia Zandi, college student and scholar was interviewed in July 2020 in Loveland, CO

  • Jeannie Zandi, Spiritual Teacher was interviewed in Loveland, CO in July 2020

  • Additional interviews and visitation to sacred sites are planned. Some soundtrack music has been granted from Native American artists, and I foresee some ceremonial songs, poetry and music being created by a plethora of friends as this project develops. 


Footage coming soon:

Dr. Geo Espinosa, ND (aka Dr.Geo) a Naturopathic Functional Medicine doctor and acupuncturist is recognized as an authority in Urology and Men’s health. We'll be filming in New York soon. 

Anderson Hoskie, Dine' Traditional Practitioner, plant/herbal specialist, and Medicine Man. Gallup, New Mexico. 


From a psychological perspective, we’ll also explore self-actualization from an indigenous perspective. We’ll plunge into the realm of the western mind’s concept of separation, comparatively to the communal, conceptual and spiritual traits held by the indigenous community. I’ve been working closely of late with two colleagues, both Blackfoot psychologists. Abraham Maslow, the developer of the Hierarchy of Needs theory, spent a season with the Blackfoot, and he found them to essentially already be “self-actualized.” This indigenous world-view also encompasses the self-realization with nature and community.  


Over the past 25 years one of my special interests has been collaborating with the view of Native youth. I’ve put hundreds of cameras in kids' hands with the express desire to capture their world view and insights. Their lens often captures the sacred in what some might see as the everyday or mundane, and has a place in this project. 


Supporting this project is the National Institute of Health. Given the nature of my wholistic wellness approach, I have been a patient of their prostate cancer research study. 


Previously Funded Projects: 

  • Arizona Commisssion on the Arts: Dine'tah-Hajiinei; The Place of Emergence. The project was funded for five years by Arizona Commission on the Arts. It explored an area in northwest New Mexico where the Dine', Apache and Tewa peoples co-habitated with the Anasazi. A multitude of ceremonial and healing knowledge was exchanged here, and rock art and sacred sites reveal this knowledge. I was invited by Dine' friends and elders to document this area with them, and eventually brought in 12 additional artists to assist in documenting this area with a radius of approximately 40 miles. More information at: Dine'tah, The Place of Emergence

  • Colorado Commission on the Arts, major grant recipient: Western Colorado Ranching and Farming; A sense of Community project was funded by Colorado Commission on the Arts. Being native to western Colorado, I was led to document ranchers and farmers I grew up around. I noticed over time that the secure sense of community I knew as a kid was diluting with growth, farmers selling ground to housing developments, and less "over the fence" negotiations regarding water rights and joint use areas. I was one of two CO artists to be awarded the major annual grants, and took a year to photograph farmers, ranchers and landscape around Fruita, CO. The project culminated in a show of black and white work at the Fruita Civic Center, where I attended elementary school.; 

  • Navajo Nation-Indigenous Centered Wilderness Therapy project was funded by the Navajo Tribe’s Division of Health. In 2010, the Navajo Nation hired me to help create an indigenous-centered wilderness-based program for Native adolescents. We developed a program supported by Native therapists, Traditional Practitioners, Recreation Specialists and support staff. Native scholars and treatment experts aware of indigenous programs internationally, assisted us in creating a program that continues today.  

Journey To Wellness Documentary is in the fund-raising phase. Your contribution assists my funding the following:

  • Travel expenses

  • Assistant services

  • Additional camera, sound and lighting equipment

  • Post production assistance

  • Soundtrack and contributing scholar, student, wisdom-keeper, artist collaboration services. 

  • 10% donation to indigenous student photo/treatment services/equipment, Rising Star program at Growing Place.org

  • Thank you for your support. Be well ~ Kent

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