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Still  Video Editing  Drone


  • 1-2 hours filming on location, creating a 3-4 minute film. Starting at $600

  • 3-4 hours filming on location, creating a 3-4 minute film. Starting at $900

  • 5-7 hours filming on location, creating a 5-7 minute film. Starting at $1200

  • Additional filming on location, production. $125/hour

  • 2 hour minimum/$250



  • 1-2 hours photo on location, creating portfolio. Starting at $600

  • 3-4 hours photo on location, creating portfolio. Starting at $900

  • 5-7 hours filming on location, creating portfolio. Starting at $1200

  • Additional still work and digital darkroom work at $125/hour

  • 2 hour minimum/$250



2 hour minimum/$250. Contact Kent for additional drone services.  



  • Utilizing your high quality footage/edit it using Final Cut Pro. $125/hour

  • Create your still images into a high quality slide show or video to your specifications, backed by music if desired. $125/hour

  • Scanning of 35mm transparencies available. $125/hour

  • Adjusting still images in Photoshop. $125/hour



  • One wireless mic application is included in VIDEO pricing.

  • Additional wireless/wired mic services available. $100 min



  • Included within 40 mile radius of Loveland, CO

  • Travel expenses out of region, $30/hour or negotiable.


  • $90 per hour. Will discuss sliding scale of certain cases. 


  • Prices dependent on size, surfaces (metal, canvas, Giclee, etc). I utilize Reed Photo in Denver for my printing, and will coordinate individually with my clients on final prices, shipping arrangements and print quality. In some cases, for geographically distant clients, I will send the digital print file to Reed, and have them ship the final work to my clients, after I have approved the proof prints, and signed the work before shipment direct from Reed. Payment arrangements: Deposit of $175 required at time of order (from PayPal menu below). Final payment (including shipping and handling) due before I place your print order with Reed Photography. This payment arrangement is best made via credit card through PayPal or Square. Your satisfaction is my concern, that's why I will monitor your order through the proofing process to the final shipment, assuring you of the highest quality archival print available. 

Additional Considerations


How many locations for filming?




  • You are working on one

  • Need help developing one

  • Yes, please brainstorm together




  • TV

  • On Line

  • Social Media

  • Personal Use

  • Large Screen




Please keep in mind that there are strict laws with drone use. We cannot fly within 5 miles of an airport and we must fly no higher than 400 feet. If your venue does not allow drones or is within the 5 mile radius of an airport, we will not be able to fly. If that is the case, we will  get drone footage outside of the restricted aera and will use that in your film.


We fly a Phantom 4 with 4K video capabilities.